Pristina™ Aerogel Materials
The Aerogel products from the pilot plant are in a powder form. Size distribution analysis for one Aerogel showed that approximately 90% of the powder is coarser than 45 microns (325 mesh), and 88% finer than 180 microns (80 mesh). In addition to powder, Aerogel products can be custom made to larger size granules, and other forms with high crush strength. Aerogel products of different chemical characteristics can also be made. Physical Properties of Pristina™ Aerogel products are shown in the table below.

TAASI invites all those interested in Aerogel technology to test its Aerogel products for their specific applications.
Aerogel test samples are available at cost.

TAASI Aerogel Products

Pristina™ Personal Air Filter:
Available soon; The Pristina™ Personal Air Filter containing Aerogel adsorbents removes pollutants from your breathing air. This filter protects your health and your environment by fighting pollution at its source. Designed to accommodate small spaces.

Recent developments in Taasi Aerogel products:

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