Can Pristina™ aerogels function in bulk water without crumbling or dissolving ?
Yes; TAASI's Pristina™ Aerogel products are fully compatible with bulk water applications and examples of these applications are given in the technical applications section. For highly acidic or alkaline water applications, dissolution may take place depending on the chemical structure of the aerogel. In such applications, please consult with TAASI's technical personnel before use.

Aerogels are typically too fragile for industrial applications, did you overcome this problem in Pristina™ aerogel products ?
Yes; TAASI has developed aerogel products with high crush strength that meet or exceed industry's requirements.

If aerogels are very light (low density), they would require much larger volume equipment than currently available in industry; how can this situation be resolved ?
TAASI has developed procedures for manufacturing higher density (up to 0.6 g/cc or more) aerogel products, which are compatible with currently used industrial equipment.

What about the thermal stability of Pristina™ aerogels in high temperature applications ?
Thermal stability in terms of maintaining the same porosity, specific surface area, and chemical structure in high temperature applications depend on the chemical nature of the aerogel. For example, a metal oxide aerogel might not change its chemical composition on exposure to a high temperature (i.e. does not burn), but its porosity and surface area might be severely decreased on prolonged exposure to temperatures above its sintering temperature. Thus for a particular high temperature application, an aerogel with a metal oxide having a higher sintering temperature than the application's temperature should be selected. Please consult with TAASI's technical personnel for your particular application.


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