Aerogels are advanced materials with several useful functional properties which enable highly diverse fields of potential applications. These functional properties include: Adsorption, Catalysis, Insulation, Absorption and Controlled Release.
Currently Pristina™ Aerogel products and technologies are being developed for environmental & health-related applications, process industries, commercial applications and consumer products.

Adsorption and Catalysis
TAASI has developed a line of products Pristina™ Aerogel Adsorbents and Catalysts", to remove pollutants/ contaminants, or recover products from air or water media. Examples of potential end-use applications include: catalysts/ catalyst supports for the process industries & catalytic converters; scrubbing of flue gases from power & industrial plants; emission control from commercial & indoor operations; breathing air purification in rescue personnel equipment, cabin air, and tobacco smoke; gaseous warfare suites and gas masks; removal/ recovery or conversion of dissolved organics and heavy metals from water or leach liquors; recovery of alcohol from fermentation broth.

Thermal Insulation
The widespread replacement of industrial insulation materials with Pristina™ Aerogels could significantly reduce global energy consumption. Examples of potential end-use applications of Pristina™ aerogel insulation products include walls, water boilers, refrigerators, windows, furnaces, and vacuum flasks.

Pristina™ Aerogel's moisture and odor absorbing qualities make it ideal for use in "active-ware" fabrics designed for sports and recreational activities. Additionally, the high insulation properties make it a perfect application for fabrics used in cold climates and outdoor activities. Pristina™ Aerogel's absorptive qualities also make it perfect for use in the packaging and shipping of foods, clothing, and electronics where moisture can be especially damaging. Other potential end uses applications include personal hygiene products.

Controlled Release
Pristina™ Aerogels can be used as reservoirs and diffusion controllers for active ingredients in the controlled release capsules and products. Such controlled release products might be used as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, cosmetics, foods, air fresheners, deodorants, and pharmaceutics. Pristina™ Aerogels could be used in the development of medication delivery systems by utilizing the controlled time release qualities. Because Pristina™ Aerogels can be engineered with varying degrees of porosity, they can provide varying rates of medication/ active ingredient release. These controlled release properties also make Pristina™ an ideal material for use in the development of various new household products.

Pristina™ Aerogel can be used in food, such as sugar, to reduce caking, by removing moisture. Other potential end use applications include plastics, coatings, cosmetics, paints, paper, pharmaceuticals, and dentifrices.

Specialized Applications
There are a number of potential "specialized" applications for Pristina™ Aerogels. Examples include acoustics, electronics, and sensors.

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Air purification
Water based applications
Aerogels in Catalysis
Aerogels for Built Environments

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