TAASI Corporation, also known as The Attia Applied Sciences Incorporated, was founded in the State of Ohio, U.S.A., in 1985 by Dr. Yosry A. Attia, to commercialize promising new technologies. Dr. Attia, recognized the potential of Aerogel and for the last 10 years, he has worked exclusively on Aerogel technologies in his personally funded laboratory and pilot plant facility. Dr. Attia is a recognized International Scientist in his field, and had previously worked for The Ohio State University and Battelle.

Through extensive research and experimentation, TAASI has developed a pilot plant manufacturing system for multi-metal oxide Aerogels. This process produces Aerogel in a wide variety of physical and chemical forms, making Aerogel technology available for a number of market applications and customizable product opportunities.

The objective of TAASI is to become a major manufacturer of commercial Aerogel materials and technologies for wide-scale applications in industrial, commercial, and consumer products markets at a cost-effective price. Because of TAASI's unique combination of expertise in both Aerogel technologies and industrial processing sciences and technologies, it has the ability to work side-by side with its clients across many application fields. This enables TAASI to design Aerogel products and technologies that best meet the client's needs and requirements.

TAASI has teamed up with several companies for the commercial development of Aerogel technologies, and continues to actively seek strategic partners and joint ventures to expedite the wide-scale commercialization of these promising Aerogel materials.

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